What’s New on Gilbert’s Political Scene

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Gilbert Mayor Jenn Daniels recently made an announcement via Twitter alerting Gilbert residents that she will not run for a second term in the upcoming elections. Many people were shocked and saddened by the news, though respect her decision to ‘transition’ to new things in life. Daniels has served as a town mayor since John Lewis resigned in 2016. Prior, Daniels served as a Gilbert Town Council member from 2009 – 2016.

Surprising News Announced on Twitter

twitter newsRumors grew in December that Daniels’ would not seek re-election, however, she quickly said this was untrue when asked by reporters and stated that ‘you know how rumors fly.’ In January and the coming months, Daniels had little to no fundraising for her re-election campaign. This suggests she really wasn’t interested in a second-term but had yet to make her final decision. She tells her supporters and the community that her decision not to run for re-election was difficult to make. Many people were shocked when she made her tweet concerning re-election despite the lack of fundraising efforts.

Personal Life Matters Played No Part

Daniels filed for divorce from her husband of 20-years in October, although she says this played no bearing on her decision not to run. She said that it was time for transition to different things in her life and that she enjoyed the more than 11-years she spent serving the community, although her children and other concerns were her primary focus.

Mayor Candidates in Gilbert

Who will serve as Gilbert mayor with Daniels out of the picture? Several contenders quickly jumped at the opportunity to serve as mayor of the town they call home. Those contenders include Gary Livcari, Matt Nielson, and Lynne King-Smith. Who takes the seat is yet to be determined. The residents of Gilbert decide who becomes the next mayor in next year’s election.