Candidates for Gilbert Mayor

mayor candidates
Now that Gilbert Mayor Jenn Daniels’ announced she won’t run for a second-term, residents must make a choice of a new face to represent their hometown. Currently, five candidates are running for mayor of Gilbert, hopeful they’ll win enough community support to take over the seat. Let’s learn a bit more about each candidate below.

Lynne King-Smith

King-Smith recently began her bid for mayor after learning Daniels’ is out of the running. The 56-year-old has been a Gilbert resident since 2002 and is the owner of four small businesses in the area. King-Smith says she’ll continue forth with the vision former mayor John Lewis began if elected. While she agrees that Gilbert doesn’t need a lot of changes, she says that she can help build a better community with closer ties and relationships so the area may continue progressing. She also served on the Mayor Advisory Council.

Gary Livacari

Livacari is another candidate for the mayor of Gilbert. The 34-year-old banker has resided in Gilbert for the past six years. He analyzes government budgets by profession and has proudly served on the town’ Industrial Development Authority since 2015. He says that he is a ‘public servant at heart.’ He wants to be the ‘watchdog’ of town as mayor, making sure all town staff is held accountable and aligned with the people’s vision.

Matt Nielson

arizona mayorNielson and his family relocated from Omaha, NE to Gilbert six years ago. The 40-year-old is pleased with the family-friendly atmosphere Gilbert offers. He says that as Mayor, he can continue making the city a great place to live, visit and enjoy for all that it is worth without the same worries as other communities in the site and elsewhere in the U.S. created.

Brigette Peterson

Peterson has been a Gilbert resident for 25-years. The 55-year-old has also volunteered for the town for the past 23-years, serving on the council since 2015. Peterson says that her level of experience working with the town is the reason people should elect her as a town mayor. She cares about her community and understands it from an inside perspective that many others may lack.

Sandra Reynolds

Reynolds is a 58-year-old mayoral candidate. Although she lacks political experience, she says that she wants to represent the council and the town from a perspective of the community. She says that it is the best way to ensure a happy, safe, and thriving town for everyone. She wants everyone in Gilbert to have access to community information and resources.