Meet Gilbert Mayor Candidate Lynne King-Smith

Lynne King-Smith is one of five candidates seeking the seat of Mayor of Gilbert after current Mayor Jenn Daniels announced that she will not run for a second term. Take the next couple of minutes to learn more about this candidate and her goals for the community of Gilbert. King-Smith and her husband Brad And their four children relocated to Gilbert in 2003. In the 17 years since that time, the couple has been active in the community, having opened four businesses that have helped the Gilbert economy thrive.

King-Smith agrees that Gilbert is an amazing community filled with amazing people. She hopes to continue helping Gilbert maintain its uniqueness, safeness, and ambiance while addressing issues that matter most to the community. Serving Gilbert residents is most important to King Smit. She says her leadership skills as a CEO and business owner and her desire to help others allow her to easily maneuver through the duties as mayor.

Goals as mayor include:

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– Helping Gilbert thrive. Even during the recession, King-Smith kept her business afloat and helped it climb back to the top. She is committed and stands up for what she believes in and that is building a better Gilbert.

– Building community support and helping the community thrive for future generations.

– Education always tops the list of concerns for King-Smith who believes supporting educational development is fundamental for everyone.

– Keeping Gilbert the same community that it now is protects our kids and grandkids and future generations. King-Smith is proud to be part of a safe community and wishes to keep safety first and most important.